I am calling for expressions of interest for a financial- working business partner-s or buyer in my property  and  small business. There is 50 Ha of grassy woodlands. There is currently 1 large cabin- dwelling and one small cabin and a coffee shop and sheds.

There is a 3 megalitre commercial bore licence with very good quality water.All of the buildings are built mainly  from recycled materials from surrounding areas and are unique in detail and design.

I am currently applying for a licence to harvest  and sell some of the numerous the grass trees that are growing on the mountain at the Southern end of the block.It is my intention to venture into a small business that will compliment the existing cabins and that business is garden weddings. It is too much for me alone and the potential for a mountain  bike track, campgrounds- van park, garden weddings and more cabins is virtually unlimited. I do not operate the coffee shop anymore as it simply got too busy for me alone. Should the interest come from a single person male or female, then I would want to make sure that all avenues were explained  fully as to my wishes and intentions. I am  70 years of age and realise it is better to leave when I can than when I  have to. My price will only be discussed in detail in person. The potential here is enormous and I would dearly like to see someone reach that potential with or without me.

There  is too much to explain on paper, so anyone interested please text  me (Paul) on 0458 578 524.