Expressions of interest for Cabin No. 2 for sale for removal.

The second cabin has been commenced and progressing along quite well. It is 8 metres x 3 metres externally. It has steel sub-floor framing, 150×25 cypress rough sawn flooring with heavy wall sisalation under it. There is a toilet and 1200×900 shower at  opposite end  to the kitchen area with a cavity sliding door. There will be a small robe facing bed area buffering the toilet. A very nice 4 paneled glass hoop pine door which will be oiled. Round  kitchen window features a clock on the inside and a penny farthing on the outside. The bike frame can be removed with one bolt and the large wheel with 2 bolts to allow for ease of cleaning the glass.

The wood box for the wood heater will be able to be loaded from the outside.The will be room for a reasonable sized fridge and a single bowl stainless sink.

It will be sold for 2 prices ( not yet finalized) One price will include delivery within 300 kilometres , stumped on 75×75 x 2.5  RHS zinc-plated stumps with 2.4 metre deck with roof.  The sub- floor of deck with be zinc plated RHS and 150×25 cypress screwed with wingtek screws. The price will be for relocation on level ground and 600 mm off the ground.Bathroom will be tiled and painted.

The second price will be as is where is to be removed from the property. Neither price will include plumbing or electrical.However the pipes for shower and sink will be installed and certain parts of the walls will be removable to allow for the electrician to run the wires.

More pictures will be posted as the work progresses. Any interested buyers may contact me via email or text. I am not interested in making any changes to suit anyone. Cabins are only built with my ideas. The dimensions meet the necessary requirements for removal. The building meets the current framing codes. It is l exceptionally strong and I would expect whoever buys it to be sure to meet the necessary footings to meet the standard required for the area that it will be taken.I imagine within a month to have the interior taking shape to allow for more pictures to be posted. the ceiling inside is old corrugated iron and it steps up 150mm, 500mm in from each wall. These cabins are all unique and extremely time consuming. However that is what sets them apart form the rest and that is what I like about them. They are quaint, intriguing and functional.  To my mind the most important thing about any dwelling is temperature, so I try to ensure that they are easily heated and easily ventilated. They are well insulated, walls, ceiling and floor.


Steel sub floor frame !50×50 x2.5 zinc plated RHS Bearers with 50×50 x2 Zinc plated RHS joists.
Front wall featuring a circular kitchen window with penny farthing on out side and the large wheel on the inside is a large clock.
End wall has louvres with wood box door below it enabling the wood to be loaded from the outside.
End wall sheeted completely with structural ply
Kitchen window
Early days of framing. End studs are 70×35 structural pine, Side walls are 90×35 structural pine.