owl-of-ghost-gate-hillIt is easy to while away a few hours taking a leisurely stroll around the property viewing the work in progress and some of the completed projects

Many visitors find Paul’s shed and workshop very interesting.  A guided tour is available on request which includes some practical demonstrations and blacksmithing.

For those who wish to laze about, a variety of books, DVD’s and CD’s are available.

For the not so fainthearted a climb of the mountain on the property will assure you of beautiful views of the Goomburra valley and unusual flora and fauna on the way.

king-parrotSquirrel gliders,  Sugar gliders,  Ringtailed possums,  the occasional Feather glider and Phascogale can be seen after dark on many occasions.
For the avid birdwatcher, there is a large variety of birds that frequent the property with at least 12 species of the parrot family seen here on a regular basis. The Wedge-tail eagle is sighted regularly while the Crested hawk is seen more rarely.  Sometimes Tawny frogmouths, Barn owls and Barking owls are present.

Goomburra State Forest is just 5 km from Lowies.
Take your picnic lunch and go on one of the numerous walks at the forest ranging from 30 minutes up to 6 hours return through some spectacular rainforest.

Glengallan HomesteadGlengallan Homestead,  which has recently been restored is open for public inspection on weekends and is only a half-hour drive away.

Some local events include: