The steam engine is here!

I have finally had my steam engine delivered. It is a steam-driven air compressor in tandem. It was made by Thomsons of Castlemaine Victoria in 1909. Its total weight is approximately 9 tonnes and a length of 9 metres. It was used in the Acland coal mine until mid-1980’s to operate the air jackhammers in the underground mine. I acquired it from Neville Morris of Dalby about 12 years ago.

I was also fortunate to acquire a set of the original drawings from the archives of Thomsons about 10 years ago. It is my intention to restore it and set it up in an entertainment -museum building and friction drive it. To operate on steam again is simply not practical for the purpose I wish to have it.

As from 24th. November 2019 The Coffee Shop will no longer be open to the general public. At some later date it may be open for lunches on certain days (to be shown on this web site) by bookings of 1 week minimum .